So on Saturday, September 15th, I became an engaged woman!

Here is the proposal story:

Little did I know on Thursday (13th) that Scott was beginning to carry out his master plan. After permission was granted for my hand, Scott set out to find THE ring. (And yes, ‘he went to Jared’s’.)  After deliberation, he found the perfect one.  Then in the evening, we skyped as usual, and I was clue-less.

Before I arrived at Scott’s parents’ house Friday night to spend the weekend, Scott set up. He built the lego box that was to hold the ring box, found the perfect spot for it on the golf course at Cheraw State Park, hid it, and created the fake geocache form.
LEGO Geocache Box
Saturday morning came, and when I awoke, Scott informed me that we had a geocache to find. This did not surprise me since we had gone on several geocache expeditions before. So after breakfast, we headed out. The morning was cool and there were not many golfers out. It was quite nice. When we had finally reached the coordinates, we were right on the edge of the pond, next to the bridge. The area was very pretty.

I found the geocache quickly and opened it. As I did so, Scott reached into his pocket and fingered the ring. When I saw a ring box in the lego container, my heart jumped. But I didn’t expect Scott to propose so soon. So, not wanting to make a dreadful error by assuming that the ring box was what I thought it was, I turned the box toward Scott. But of course he said, “No, you open it.”

In a daze, I opened the ring box and was met with a Taco Bell packet of hot sauce that read: ‘Will you marry me?’
Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet
I looked back toward Scott, but he was already down on one knee.

“‘A wife of noble character, who can find? She is of more worth than rubies.’” Then he added: “Or a diamond. Elizabeth Christiana Trexler, will you marry me?”

I giggled for a full minute (in shock) before I answered: “yes!”  Then we hugged and I giggled, hugged and I giggled. I did a lot of giggling that morning. :-)

LEGO Geocache Box

I had once written in my journal that I was so blessed simply to know Scott as a friend. Anyone would be blessed by Scott’s friendship. But now, he is, and will be, my companion throughout this life.

God has been so gracious!

- Elizabeth

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