It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. Such was the case for Scott, although the “good” “fortune” could very well be debated. Scott’s epic quest for a wife started after he graduated from college, except that he got sent to Germany on business for almost a year upon graduation. Then Scott’s epic quest began again when he arrived back home in the little town of Cheraw, South Carolina. It wasn’t long before Scott realized that he would have a hard time finding the wife of his dreams in Cheraw. So after much prayer and reluctance, Scott looked into online dating. Day after day, Scott became increasingly concerned that there were no “non-crazy” women looking for their husband online.

Twas 23 nights before Christmas of 2011 and Scott received an “ice-breaker” from a 19-year-old girl who lived 2 hours away in St. Stephen, SC. It actually wasn’t at night, it was early in the morning, but Scott didn’t receive the notification until after he got home from work on that fateful Friday. Scott didn’t respond right away because he was concerned about Elizabeth’s young age. He eventually decided to send Elizabeth an e-mail explaining that he thought her to be too young. After a few e-mails, Scott realized that Elizabeth was indeed more mature than her age suggested. And so it began: several weeks of constant e-mails to determine who the other person really was and what they were about.

About a month after the initial “ice-breaker” was sent, Scott made the 2-hour journey down to St. Stephen in order to meet Elizabeth and her family for the first time. Needless to say, everyone was quite nervous but excited, even Elizabeth’s dad (who accidentally drank from Scott’s bottle of water during that first visit). Elizabeth’s family played some games with Scott even though he played ruthlessly, stealing all of Elizabeth’s cards and winning the game of Settlers of Catan. Over the next few weeks, Scott sought permission from Elizabeth’s dad to court Elizabeth and the courtship began.

The distance between Scott and Elizabeth made it difficult for them to see each other during the week, but they made the most of it by using the wonderful technologies of facebook chat, online chess, and skype. Weekends were the time to visit each other’s family, go on dates, watch movies, find geocaches, and attend church together. There was certainly no lack of substance to Scott and Elizabeth’s relationship or discussions. From the beginning, both placed a heavy focus on their relationship with God through Jesus Christ and their desire to serve Him. Even in the first few months of their courtship, they studied several books of the Bible together.

Scott became increasingly more certain throughout the courtship that God had intended for him and Elizabeth to be married. Scott was approximately 1,302% certain that he would marry her after he went camping with Elizabeth and her family over Labor Day weekend in 2012. Sources say that it was probably because Elizabeth endured a gruelling uphill battle of a hike by the Linville Gorge with Scott that left their clothes drenched with sweat and rain.

2 weeks after that, Scott proposed to Elizabeth in a story that is probably best told by Elizabeth.

See: The Proposal

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