I have not been friends with Shari as long as I have been with my other bridesmaids, but Shari is special. She grew up with Scott as his sister and as a dear friend to him. Scott loves her very much and he confides in her. So when I came along, Scott told her many things about me and received advice from her. And when the time came for her to meet me, she trusted Scott’s judgment of me. When Scott said I was a wonderful and good person, she trusted him. So she welcomed me. She didn’t have to be as kind or friendly to me as she was, but she did. She is such a sweet and kind person. And if you know Shari, she is simply adorable! I am so grateful that she made me feel like I belonged to the family and she was a friend to me. I hope to become a closer friend to her as I spend more time with her and get to know her as my new sister-in-law. I am so glad she will be my family! Thank you, Shari, for being my friend and for being my bridesmaid!

Kristi & Laura
Kristi and Laura have both been my close friends throughout high school, and we have amazingly been able to stay in contact though all of our lives are changing rapidly and we live miles apart. But besides their constant friendship, Kristi and Laura are special for other reasons.

Kristi, being my age, was with me through all four years of high school.  We shared both the good and the bad that those years brought. We lived out Proverbs 27:17: we sharpened each other. She was an ear when I needed a friend to listen, she was a godly voice when I needed to hear wisdom, she was a comfort when I was discouraged, and she always had time for me. She truly cared, as a friend should. We enjoyed many late nights chatting like girls do about all kinds of things. But we felt safe enough in each other to confide personal things. We trusted each other.

Kristi and I shared the same interests, mainly fantasy fiction and creative writing. We could be nerdy together and share our stories and the worlds of our imaginations. We enjoyed writing a few stories together, we shared a game or two of GURPS, and we spent countless hours swimming in her family’s pond.

Kristi, Laura, and I would go on walks, explore the woods, see movies together, walk about the mall together, and have nerdy sleepovers.  Those times were the best.

Laura and I shared some of the same interests with Kristi. All three of us were fantasy nerds and had wonderful imaginations. But Laura and I would spend hours listening to music and crafting. Our tastes in music were very similar and we loved to sing together. Like Kristi and I, Laura and I shared stories, but we also shared movies, music, and art. I remember when we would spend whole nights watching movies together and writing stories. Laura was always so kind to me. She is a very kind hearted person, willing to give her friends anything she can to help them.

Between Laura and Kristi, my high school years were truly blessed. And though we live so far apart now, they continue to bless me. I love them. Thank you two for being some of my best friends and being my bridesmaids!

Ciera is my maid of honor for many reasons. I smile to think how we met. Our becoming roommates was providential. We sat at the same table waiting for our turn to sign up for a room. We had not met each other before, but we began to talk as we waited. It turned out that we both wanted the same dorm and we both wanted the same level. The more we talked, the more we liked each other. Neither of us had a roommate in mind, so we decided to room together the next semester. When the semester started, we became fast friends. Our chance encounter ended up providing each of us with a best friend. Ciera is the happiest person I know. She is ALWAYS smiling…..and it is contagious. Her light heart is real. Her joy is not fake. The joy of Christ is a part of her very being. Through an interesting stage in my life, a stage where many things were not so stable in my life, I had a friend. We would walk around campus, go to meals together, and even wake up at 5 a.m. sometimes to exercise together! And whenever I am around her, we are always so silly! She took me home with her on the weekends and her family adopted me as their college daughter. Times with her and her family were always full of happiness, beauty, and wondrously silly things.  On one car ride with her and her family, Ciera and I giggled and laughed as we promised to be each other’s Maid of Honor. Thank you, Ciera, for being one of my best friends and for being my Maid of Honor!

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