Nathanael (Than)

Than is my future brother-in-law and the little brother I’ve never had. He understands certain things, such as the awesomeness of Star Wars and the need to quote it at appropriate times (and at inappropriate times). We share a similar sense of humor and I’m starting to get used to being shot by imaginary guns every time he walks by. Part of me wishes that I hadn’t stopped playing video games back in high school so I could hold my own against Nathanael in COD without dying 3 seconds after re-spawning… and actually be of assistance in our joint conquest against the Nazi Zombies.

David (David)

David is my current brother-in-law and the little brother that I do have. Married to my sister, Shari, and the father of 2 dogs and a cat… he’s an alright guy. I’ve considered ending this paragraph with the previous sentence, but I thought David might feel bad if I didn’t write more about him. Even if David doesn’t know what he’s doing, he always looks like he knows what he’s doing, and that’s the important thing. This is probably what I like most about David and why I can depend on him during the wedding day to fix any problems that may arise (i.e. if a button falls off my tuxedo at the altar – he has experience with these types of things).

Daniel (Dan (the man))

Dan is my spiritual brother. We met in college at Kettering on a Friday night while I was watching TV in my dorm room. Dan just happened to be walking through the hallways that night to meet people. I didn’t remember his name, but he was sure to say “hi” a few days later at the Campus Crusade for Christ meeting. I don’t think that I remembered his name at this point either, but I finally remembered it the following week at the next Cru meeting when he said “hi” again. Dan and I worked together in many ways over the next few years because we both shared a passion for reaching out to those at Kettering who did not know Christ, and also to equip and strengthen younger Christians at Kettering. I have learned quite a few social skills by observing Dan’s extroverted nature and he was always there for me when I needed help as a Resident Advisor. That’s Dan’s best attribute – he is sincere and he’s always there when you need him to be.

Steven (Steve)

Steve is my biologically older brother and the best man at the wedding (which causes Elizabeth to be confused as to why she has to settle for someone other than the “best” man). Steve is one of those people who is always there for you, even if he’s not actually with you. We’ve been through a lot together in Boy Scouts and a variety of other activities. I believe that Steve and I have shaped each other as persons more than we’ll ever realize. Although Steve’s computer skills have gone far beyond mine since we graduated high school, I think I can still take him in Super Smash Bros. ;-)